Meet Your Neighbor

Now you can showcase your beautiful home and introduce yourself and family to the Antelope Park community! Each month a homeowner will be chosen to display pictures of their home and share some ‘neighborly’ information with all of us. Click here to nominate yourself or your neighbor Name: Lenny and Janel Monroe Address: 2793 Sumner St. Residency in Antelope Park: 28 years, in which we raised our 3 children, Summer, Bryson and Brianne Originally From: We are both from Lincoln. Occupation: Lenny-Sales Rep.

Support Staff for Nebraska Book Co. Janel-Merchandiser for American Greeting Card Co. and antique dealer. Pets: our German Shorthair “Gage” and Bryson’s dog “Sam” a terrier/border collie Favorite Backyard Activity: Watching the “backyard wildlife”, grilling, and relaxing and watching the dogs protect us from the “backyard wildlife”. Hobbies & Interests: Lenny likes wood-working, yard work, home renovation and hunting. Janel likes to collect and refurbish antiques and both of us enjoy spending time with our kids and our 2 new son-in-laws. Favorite House Feature: Favorite House Feature: We are divided on this….Janel really likes the large front porch, porch swing and the size of the house. Lenny on the other hand likes the curb appeal of the whole property.

Favorite quality of Antelope Park: Location, location, location! Close to everything while feeling safe and having great neighbors.