You can't talk about the Antelope Park area without talking about families and that spells parents who are looking for good schools, safe streets and a quality education for their children.

Our neighborhood is within walking distance of five different schools that go all the way from elementary through the high school level. Both Prescott Elementary at 1930 South 20th and Sheridan Elementary at 3100 Plymouth Avenue are nestled comfortably in the Antelope park area and have long been established leaders in educating the youth of Lincoln. Prescott School was originally built in the early 1900’s and Sheridan followed in the 1930’s

Both schools have been remodeled and updated many times since then to give your children the best and most diversified educational experience in their initial years of formal learning. With many well-posted and traffic-lighted cross walks, the city of Lincoln has done their part to make sure their walks to and from class are safe and well supervised as well. Irving Middle School at 2745 South 22nd is also a long time friend of the area.

After first opening its doors in 1927, Irving has proudly been the home of the “Irving Aardvarks” ever since. (And aren’t we all really aardvarks at heart?) High Schooler’s have a choice of both Lincoln High School at 2229 “J” Street and Southeast high School at 2930 South 37th Street. Now that I think of it, the same bike trial through Antelope Park could be used to reach either school! Close to downtown, Lincoln High is the home of the “Links” and has been known for its excellence and diversity since 1871. Lincoln Southeast opened in 1955 and boasts the “Knights” as their school symbol.

Both high schools offer large parking lots on their respective campuses, while many students still prefer that special bonding experience of walking with their friends. (Just as their parents used to, while migrating in their “day”.) Some things never change: and you know, sometimes that’s a good thing!