The Neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood! Glad you could make it and we're happy to have you here. We're in the middle of so many unique and wonderful things, there's not much we like better than doing a little bragging about the place we live and the people that we call neighbors and friends. Because that's what they are!

This isn’t any shiny new residential district, where the fine old homes come down to make room for new houses that spring up like saplings in late April. Like I said, this is a neighborhood. Sure, those new developments can be nice, but it’ll be a long time before those baby oaks and silver maples get anywhere near the size of the lofty giants that overlook our homes and shade our yards. And listen to those birds! Those trees just wouldn’t seem full without the birds singing in their nests and the kids romping in their tree-houses, too. I’m sure that some of those new streets seem fresh and tidy, but somehow the Antelope Park neighborhood just feels…comfortable. It feels real. And it feels like home.

We’re happy to have the chance to show you some of what we mean about our neighborhood, the people that live in it and the beautiful Lincoln attractions that we’re only footsteps away from. We’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful parks in the city and there are always plenty of activities for your family to choose from. In the summer, you can sit on your front porch and hear the music from the band concerts over in the park. Or take a stroll among the breathtaking flower displays in the Sunken Gardens. We like to walk over with the kids for a rollicking train ride at the zoo. In the Antelope park neighborhood, it’s not a matter of what to see, it’s a question of where to begin!